Rose Quartz - Tree of Life


This pendant is in a silver finish wire, which accentuates the beautiful patterns in the rose quartz pendant. Each pendant is unique, please see the additional for the variances. Rose quartz symbolizes love, self-esteem, and the balance of emotions.

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Rose quartz ranges in color from light pink to strong pink. With the exception of our, Madagascar rose quartz, the beautiful pink color of these rose quartz beads is a result of heat-treating. Almost all rose quartz on the market today is heat-treated, but natural deposits can still be found in Brazil and Madagascar.

What could be more positive and powerful than love? Rose quartz is said to open its wearers to love and compassion of all sorts. Not just for romantic love, this stone is also thought to encourage a love for the self and help build meaningful friendships. It is often associated with the heart chakra.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1.5 in


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